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With a focus on Mobility, Transportation and Big Data, we create sustainable competitive advantage through superior innovation and operating performance and thus the ability to provide de-risked partnership models.


We fundamentally believe that the greatest success in innovation originates from entrepreneurs – not consultants. Rapid is an entrepreneurial organization that is driven by outcomes.

We are not a consultant that makes incremental improvements.

We build successful startups.

We are similar to venture firms, where innovation is like seed capital, product development is like venture capital, and commercialization is like growth capital.

We build platforms and businesses that have multiple paths associated to them.

We are focused on transformation.

We bring the best of what a venture firm does with the best of an ideation, product development and commercialization firm, all wrapped around global strategy leadership.

We build new Businesses
Today’s age of innovation is driven by the accelerating evolution of technology and data, which has fundamentally changed consumer behavior. As a result, companies are faced with unrelenting pressure to put innovation at the center of their business. Rapid Venture Partners builds startups for our partners, while focusing on their strategic transformation. We invests intellectual capital and funds, thus sharing entrepreneurial risks through success-based partnership strategies.
We build Partnerships
Rapid Venture Partners introduces new ways of thinking and doing in order to create grow in changing competitive environments. Most large companies are structured to maximize efficiency, minimize variances and avoid experimentation. Because this is incompatible with a culture in which risk-taking is a prerequisite for success, we have created a strategy that allows companies to harness the entrepreneurial expertise and to think outside the box.
We cultivate Collaboration
Rapid Venture Partners cultivates radical collaboration by building businesses and solving complex technological challenges – not just generating ideas. Our key goal is to drive growth for our partners and support them to stay relevant in the digital era, leverage their existing assets and ‘become disruptors’. We are working to collaborate with partners at all levels – from government customers to national laboratories to prime contractors and small businesses to universities.

Rapid applies its knowledge and significant effort to analyzing industry trends, understanding competitive dynamics and developing relevant expertise and investment themes by sector.

To ensure a deep understanding of the key science-based issues, we maintain active partnerships with research partners.  With a global network of partners, we provide a unique value in transferring

knowledge to create pioneering practices and innovations through specialist resources and collaboration. Consequently, we collaborate with partners at all levels – from government

customers to national laboratories to prime contractors and small businesses to universities. This approach enables us to address global efforts, with more competence and reliability than any one partner might bring to the effort.

Corporate business units often tend to become complacent. Today’s market conditions, however, require quick decision making processes, a high level of efficiency and adequate levels for creativity.
By externalizing innovation, companies can continue to focus on their core competencies.
Our approach allows us to evaluate project risk prior to investing, thus being able to predict a successful conclusion.

Rapid’s founders have worked in partnership with many pioneering companies and investors. We believe that the depth and breadth of our experience has earned us a reputation for identifying leading growth companies, partnering with entrepreneurs and helping management teams build and scale their organizations.

Sven Hackmann
General Partner
Sven has an extensive background in corporate leadership, technology innovation, and business incubation.  He believes that the context of diverse cultures and our fast growing economies create a unique business environment that demands new forms of innovation; ones that will set new benchmarks in the global economy.
Previously he served as Executive Vice President of Veremonte, an international investment and holding company.  Sven was responsible for developing Veremonte’s growth strategy, including acquisitions, equity investments, joint ventures and partnerships.  In that capacity, he worked on the development of Formula E, the first FIA sanctioned all-electric racecar series.
Prior to joining Veremonte, he spent twelve years in various leadership roles with Siemens. In his last role, he served as Vice President of the Siemens US Cities Program. In that role, he was responsible for the organizational development, roll out and ongoing success of Siemens’ strategic initiatives related to cities and infrastructure development.
Dr Martin Prescher
General Partner
Martin is a Corporate and Startup executive with 15+ years of leading system and software ventures with proven success. Martin founded and led 2 independent startups and several Siemens-internal ventures that have all either successfully exited or turned into a new business unit.
Martin brings extensive corporate, startup and venture capital experience as well as broad technical know-how to the table. As a member of the Siemens Top Talent Program Martin was appointed several high-profile leadership positions in Siemens’ eMobility business. Martin also designed and led to success Siemens’ Big Data platform for city application. Between 2012 and 2014 Martin was Director and Fund Manager in Siemens’ Technology to Business group and globally responsible for all investment activities in the transportation and infrastructure IT space. Recently Martin built a SaaS Startup for Oil & Gas with great market traction. Martin holds a MSc. in physics as well as a PhD in machine learning / data analytics and an MBA.


  • One of Rapid’s founding partners was instrumental in the development of the European Space Agency’s Rosetta satellite, which landed on a Comet in 2014.
  • Rapid re-developed NASA’s Cool Suit technology, which was originally designed to keep astronauts cool during launch using a water circulation system. As a result, it is now used by hazardous materials workers, armored vehicle crews, firefighters, NASCAR and Formula One drivers.
  • Innovations developed with technology from NASA’s program were re-purposed by Rapid, which created a renewable energy resource used on Earth and in space. Solar panels collect electricity by absorbing light when it strikes the surface and transfers it to a semiconductor. These solar panels are now widely used on calculators, street lights, houses and on the International Space Station.
  • Rapid’s founding partners previously worked for a company that provided the software to develop NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover. A software that allowed NASA to digitally design, test, assemble, and simulate the entire Mars rover before a single physical prototype was created, while accounting for every step of the process in real time.
  • A Rapid founding partner supplied the voice of Darth Vader, but specifically requested that he not be credited. At the time, the reason he cited was that he didn’t want to be typecast.

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Delivering value to our partners and the market is paramount. In order to accomplish this, Rapid has developed a unique, collaborative process – from discovery to ultimately, company exit.

Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars!